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10/28/07 I've posted an article about how the controls are assigned in FSX based on some research I've been doing to try and put together an FSX version of CMFS. The article is based on my notes on what I've found so far and includes a raw listing of the FSX command names. The document is still undergoing change, but I thought the information might be interesting to some of you so as it is. I originally posted the file yesterday, it was based on the original version of FSX. I received a more recent list today, including another 23 controls that were added with FSX updates. I've updated the file to include these new references. Look for FSXCTLS2.ZIP on the File Downloads if you'd like to pick up a copy. The Zip file contains the article as a WordPad .DOC file.

12/27/05 Nothing new, just doing a little maintenance on the web page, mainly to remove the SWF22 page since the chips are no longer available and to make a few other minor changes. The latest drivers and utilities for the SWF22 chips are still available here but I've moved them to the File Downloads page. Sorry for any inconvenience.

08/14/05 I've posted a V1.23 update to the CMFS utility. It fixes a bug in the V1.22 version posted a few days ago when a CM V3.5 or CM V3.6 map was being converted. The updated file is in CMFSV123.ZIP on the File Downloads page.

02/24/05 I'm in the process of moving The StickWorks website. If you tried to access the site via the "" URL you will have been redirected here. You should change your bookmarks to point to the official URL, This URL will remain valid regardless of where the site might end up. My StickWorks email address,, will also remain valid through any changes.

11/18/04 I've posted an updated version of the article on using the CH Throttle Quad to control reverse thrust using either the Control Manager or Peter Dowson's FSUIPC utility. It corrects some errors and expands on certain areas, most notably how to set things up using FSUIPC. The article is in WordPad .DOC format and is located in CMNOTE02.ZIP on the File Downloads page. The article is preliminary. If you run into any discrepancies or errors, please let me know so I can post a corrected version.

09/30/04 I received a note today from Flight Sim Central that they've sold the last of the SWF22 Chip Sets that they had in stock, so the Digital Upgrade is off the market. Again, many thanks to those of you who bought the update, and many thanks to the good folks at Flight Sim Central for their help and support through the duration of the project.

09/20/04 I've updated the CMFS utility to v1.20 to work with Control Manager V3.50, the release that supports the new CH Throttle Quadrant. Other than the addition of the Throttle Quadrant support, it's essentially unchanged from the earlier CMFS v1.10. You can find it on the File Downloads page, look for CMFSV120.ZIP. CMFS is freeware.

09/16/04 I've posted two new files on the File Downloads page, SW98_31B.ZIP and SW2K_31B.ZIP. These are the special 31-button drivers for the SWF22 that are used with MechWarrior 4. Many of you have gotten them from me directly in the past. If you're using the Windows 98 version, this one is the same as what you've got and there's no reason to download. The Windows 2K/XP version has been updated to handle the problems that turned up under XP Service Pack 2 so if you're using SP2 you will probably want to pick this up. The standard drivers have to be installed and running before you can use these, it's just a driver replacement like it's always been.

09/15/04 I've posted some updated Windows 2K/XP files for the SWF22. The updates include some features originally incorporated in Version 1.02 (Numbers 1 through 3 below) but never posted for general release (though some of you did have beta versions) and to fix a problem that showed up with the release of Windows XP Service Pack 2. Specifically:

1. A problem with parenthetic macros not working correctly when they were contained within a /I/O or /U/M/D group has been fixed.

2. A new USE option, USE AXISDEFS, has been added that allows you to specify the axis ordering and usage. This allows the SWF22 throttle to work with Comanche 4, MedEvac VietNam, and other sims which require a "Slider" to be used for the throttle. The option also allows you to reorder the axes in the event that you should need to use some non-standard ordering in your F22 files.

3. The rudder polling routine has been substantially improved and should be much less susceptible to jitter now than in the V1.01 and earlier versions.

4. There was a bug that was causing Windows XP with Service Pack 2 to report a "BAD_POOL_HEADER" error under some conditions. That has been fixed.

The update will install a new Users Guide with added information that explain the new functionality and how to use it. Note that if you're already using the V1.02 version that supports the USE AXISDEFS statement, then the only thing this update will do is to correct the SP2 problem. I've only posted the complete install. Look for SWF2KV103.ZIP on the File Downloads page. You'll need to uninstall any existing SWF22 installation using the Windows "Add/Remove Programs" option in the Control Panel and then restart Windows before you can install Version 1.03.

09/13/04 Just a note. Windows XP SP2 has created a problem for the SWF22 which causes it to crash with a "BAD_POOL_HEADER" error. I have the bug fixed but it's going to take a few days to get it put together and posted. If you're planning on installing XP SP2, you might want to wait until the updated version is available or you won't be able to use the SWF22 in F22 Mode. The last shipments from Flight Sim Central will be slightly delayed as a result, too. It's not their fault, I just don't want them to ship while there's a problem. This only affects Windows XP Service Pack 2, other version and revisions of XP still work fine.

07/17/04 Some of you may have stopped by Flight Sim Central and noticed that the SWF22A and SWF22C kits are listed as discontinued. I'm in the process of discontinuing all of the Digital Upgrade kits. There are still some SWF22B kits available, but once those are gone there will be no more manufactured. They've had a good run, nearly four years, longer than the F22 itself was produced and certainly longer than any of us expected at the time, but the sticks are getting older and harder and harder to maintain and I think it's time to let them go. I will of course continue to support those of you who have upgraded sticks to the degree that I can.

I would like to thank all of you who purchased the Digital Upgrades over the years, you've all been truly wonderful, patient with the little problems that have cropped up and most helpful in getting things resolved. I hope you've enjoyed them and that they continue to serve you well for as long as PCs have game ports. Many thanks to you all!

01/12/04 I've posted a small article on using the CH Control Manager to send sequences of commands cycled by repeatedly pressing a single button. The article is in WordPad .DOC format and is zipped along with two sample CMS files that go along with the article. Look for CMNOTE01.ZIP on the File Downloads page.

12/30/03 I've posted an updated V1.10 beta of the CMFS utility. It updates CMFS to work correctly with Control Manager 2.2 and Control Manager 3. The new version also saves your Maps and Devices.cfg folders when you load them and then starts in those folders the next time, and adds an option to use "sticky views" if you wish. The file includes the utility, an updated DOC file that explains how to set it up, create the maps, etc., and some sample maps using the CH Yokes and CH Pro Pedals that demonstrate some of the main functions of the CMFS utility and how they are used. The CMFS utility is Freeware and is available on the File Downloads page. Look for CMFSV110.ZIP.

02/10/03 I've posted a beta of a new utility, CMFS, that simplifies the creation and configuration of CH Control Manager Map files for use with FS2002. The file includes the utility, a DOC file that explains how to set it up, create the maps, etc., and some sample maps using the CH Yokes and CH Pro Pedals that demonstrate some of the main functions of the CMFS utility and how they are used. The CMFS utility is Freeware and is available on the File Downloads page. Look for CMFSV100.ZIP.

09/12/01 I've gone ahead and posted the current beta programmable Windows 2000 drivers and utilities for the SWF22 Digital Upgrade. All of the apparent issues seem to have been resolved and so I'm making it available for general distribution. The drivers are compatible with Windows 2000 and have been tested with Windows XP Build 2505 without apparent problem. They support the full instruction set that the Windows 98 version of the drivers supported, though there are a few differences due to the way Windows 2000 handles things. Your existing SWF22 files should work as is or with only some minor tweaking. The download is available on the File_Downloads page. Look for SW2KV100.ZIP.

01/30/01 The first copies of the programmable Windows 2000 drivers and utilities for the SWF22 have gone out to a few alpha testers for initial testing of the install, etc. Barring any major problems, I hope to have a beta version ready for more general distribution in the next week or so. I'll post here as soon as it's available.

12/01/00 I've had several reports from users that the SWF22 is causing MechWarrior 4 to crash to desktop when used on systems that have both the F22/FLCS and the TQS. This is not a bug in the SWF22 drivers or any DX8 incompatibility, it's apparently a problem in MW4 that causes it to crash when it encounters a 32-Button joystick (a perfectly valid configuration). Hopefully MW4 will get fixed soon. In the meantime, I've gone ahead and put together a slightly-modified version of the standard V2.20 driver that reports itself as having only 31 buttons. This has cured the crash in all reported cases. If you're having this problem and need a copy of the driver, just drop an email to and I'll see that it gets to you.

10/22/00 I've posted a new file, RDDRONLY.ZIP to the File Downloads page that contains a small VxD that will let you use analog pedals on Joystick #2 under Window ME. ME has apparently broken the mechanism that the R-Only file that comes with the JoyRegs utilities. This file gives a workaround. You will still need JoyRegs to get the pedals calibrated. If R-Only will work for you, then use that instead. R-Only is a simpler and probably "more compatible" solution as far as game ports and things go.

10/05/00 I've posted an updated file, X36DRV04.ZIP to the File Downloads page that contains drivers that will let you use rudder pedals with the Saitek X36. This driver only works with the stick in USB mode and only with Windows 98. The updated file is  basically the same as the earlier X36DRV03.ZIP but includes a third version of the driver for use with the CH USB Pedals. There's a small text file in the ZIP that tells how to set it up and get it running. Ron Hunt has opened a section at his Saitek Help Center to help sort out any problems that might turn up, check in there for the latest info on what's happening with it.

06/06/00 The new SWF22C Digital Upgrade Kit is ready to go! These kits are similar to the SWF22B kits, but include a chip for the earlier "Trackball" version of the TQS. The Trackball units are fully functional and can be used as a mouse just as the eraserhead units can (assuming the trackball itself is functional). As with the other chips, the good folks at Flight Sim Central will be handling the sales of the kits. They've added the SWF22C to their page and they're available for ordering now.

03/20/00 I've posted FIXHAT7A.ZIP to the "Files" page. It contains another version of the FixHat utility to fix the problem that occurs on some systems with the hat-forward position on FCS-style analog hat switches not registering. The new utility works with the VJOYD.VXD that shipped with DirectX 7.0a. The correct VJOYD version has file size of 33,764 bytes.

02/21/00 SimHQ has posted a new review of the SWF22 written by editor Dan "Crash" Crenshaw which details his experiences with the Digital Upgrade Kit.

01/24/00 Okay, guys, the SWF22 Digital Upgrade Kits are available! I've made arrangements with the good folks at Flight Sim Central to handle the distribution of the kits. They're great people and really know their flight sims, I'm sure a lot of you have dealt with them before and would agree with me. There's a link on their main page that will get you to where you need to go to place an order.

09/24/99 I received a report from a user that he'd installed DX7 and, as a result, CTFJ 3.2 was no longer having any effect on the display of the joystick data in the Control Panel Test screen. I looked into this and it's due to a change in flags that the Control Panel is setting when it does a joystick read. That causes CTFJ to treat it as a special system calibration read and, as a result, it's disabling it's scaling, deadzone, and range routines for that read. It should still be working fine in the simulations and games, it's just that you won't be able to see the effects in the Control Panel once DX7 is installed.

07/08/99 I've posted a new file, JOYREGS.ZIP to the files page. This is some 'experimental' stuff I thought some of you might like to tinker with. Basically, it's a set of three REG files that let you configure a set of pedals, a throttle, or a combination of the two as a second joystick. If you're using a USB or other digital stick, these should let you use a separate set of pedals or an external throttle in games like Flight Simulator that will recognize inputs from more than one joystick. Also included is a small utility, JoyClick, that you can use to simulate a joystick button click when you go to calibrate these 'buttonless' devices in the Control Panel. There's a .DOC file in the ZIP that talks about how to set it up and what it will/won't do.

07/06/99 I've posted an update, CTFJ V3.20, to the files page. I had a complaint from a user that CTFJ was causing some 'spiking' in the Control Panel 'Test' screen, the cursor would periodically jump up into the upper left-hand corner for no apparent reason. This was traced to an interaction between the particular joystick /driver and CTFJs Poll Rate Limiter logic. This update adds a checkbox to the Configuration Editor that lets you enable and disables the Poll Rate logic. If you were having trouble with spiking in the Control Panel or in a game that seemed to be related to CTFJ, this may fix it up for you.

06/09/99 Some users have reported problems using CTFJ 3 with the Logitech force feedback wheel. It could affect other Logitech devices as well. With some help from the good people over on the newsgroup, the problem has been tracked to zeroed Windows calibration data for the wheel, and an apparent solution has been found. I've posted a Tech Note, TN0001.ZIP, on the files page that talks about the problem and how to fix it. Check it out if you've got problems are or planning to use CTFJ with Logitech devices.

04/14/99 CTFJ v3.00 is here! The new version adds adjustable joystick gains for the X and Y axes and changes the 'Unload' function so CTFJ3 will completely remove itself from memory now. It also fixes some minor problems reported with earlier versions. Look for CTFJV300.ZIP on the 'Files' page. The earlier CTFJ v2.11 and the beta driver file I posted last week have been removed as v3.00 replaces them.

04/03/99 I ran into a problem last week with Windows not recognizing some joysticks and drivers after a Windows restart. The joystick would install, test okay, and work fine in games until Windows was restarted. Then it would show 'Disconnected' and the Control Panel would need to be run again to get the stick recognized. I put together a little utility, JoyStart.exe, that fixes the problem here and I've added it to the 'Files' page, look for JSTRT100.ZIP. If you're having trouble with your joystick not being recognized after a Windows restart, give it a try, it might fix things up for you.

03/02/99 Welcome to The Stickworks! This is the new home for CTFJ, WinLoad and my other utilities. The place is still under construction, but most things should be working. The utilities are on the 'Files' page (original, huh?), and I've added a 'Links' page which contains links to the major joystick manufacturers and the user sites that support them. If you know of any links that you think should be there, please let me know and I'll add them. The 'Info' page has contact information, disclaimers, the usual stuff, and the 'Main' button gets you back to this page. If you have any problems with the page or the files, want to suggest new links, or just want to comment on the new site, you can reach me by emailing

Have fun!

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