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This page contains links to Joystick and Controller-related sites and files on the World Wide Web. The locations are grouped by manufacturer. I'm still adding to the list, so if there's a site or manufacturer that you think should be listed here, let me know. Let me know, too, if you run into a dead link so I can remove it.

Note: The second column indicates whether the link is another page (P) or a direct download (D).

CH Products-Related Sites and Files
CH Products Web Page P Official CH Products Web Page
CH Replacement Parts P Replacement Springs, Gimbals, etc. for CH Controllers
The CH Hangar P CH-Related Forums, CM Programming Info, and Maps

ThrustMaster-Related Sites and Files
ThrustMaster Web Page P Official TM Web Page
James Hallows' Fox 2 Web Page P Fox2 GUI Editor for TM Programming
James Hallows' TM FAQ P FAQ on Original TM Equipment

Saitek-Related Sites and Files
Saitek Web Page P Official Saitek Web Page

GoFlight-Related Sites and Files
GoFlight Web Page P Avionics Controllers for Flight Simulator

Gravis-Related Sites and Files
Gravis Web Page P Official Gravis Web Page

Logitech-Related Sites and Files
Logitech's Web Page P Official Logitech Web Page
WingmanTeam Utilities P Web Page for ClrCalib and DXTweak Utilities

Microsoft-Related Sites and Files
Microsoft  Sidewinder Web Page P Official Microsoft Sidewinder Web Page

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